Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Layered Stamping with the MISTI

A while back I won a random draw on a Simon Says Stamp challenge and was awarded a $50 gift certificate to their wonderful store.  I agonized over what to get and ultimately decided that I had admired the Altenew layering stamps way too much to let a gift opportunity pass me by.  I splurged and got the stamp and dies as a set.  I am in love!

There are a lot of videos out there that will show you how these beautiful flowers were made.  I'll suggest Jennifer Mcguire's video as it is what I used.  The other trick I'd give you is to download the tip sheet offered by Altenew.  I Google'd the stamp set name (Vintage Flowers is what I used, though the Vintage Roses is similar) and the tip sheet came up as a image.  I printed the image and it helped to orient the layers.

I did spend a little while trying to figure out the layering process.  There are some messed up flowers in my work.  However,  the great thing about these stamps.  They are forgiving and even those "mess ups" are pretty and useable.

OK, maybe not all messed up flowers were pretty.  The other  tip I would offer is that you really need to play with the foreground and background colors.  Things I thought would be beautiful fell flat and combinations that I thought would not work ultimately became my favorite.

Caution :  this stamp set could make you an ink hoarder.  I'm resisting the urge. I will say that other than a strong urge to own every single craft supply on the planet I was able to make a wide variety of beautiful flowers without buying a thing. Resist the urge people!

I found it helpful during my color experimenting to write the color name on the sheet.  It helped me to creatively combine colors.

I ultimately die cut all of these flowers and plan to create some card sets to be used for Christmas gifts.  If/when that happens I'll take some photos and share with you.  Hope you have a crafty day.


  1. How cool is that, maybe I should do that too, but I am kind of the lazy sort, I just picked my ink pad and stamp, LOL!

  2. These are stunning flowers and I love those colours. Please tell me why I seem to be so far behind on my visiting you. My apologies - catching up today :-)


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?