Thursday, September 3, 2015

More Techniques with Brushos Watercolor Crystals

I am back today to share more of my photos of card fronts I created using my new (to me) Brushos watercolor crystals.  For this first one, I stamped an image in black Archival ink onto Strathmore watercolor paper.  Then, I applied water strategically, sprinkling the Brushos into the water.  the different colors had to be applied one at a time, so this technique was far more time consuming.

The stamping onto the watercolor paper is a little less artful - the texture causes unevenness to the stamped image.  At first, I didn't like how this turned out, but I like it a lot more after living with it.  You can see the vivid nature of the Brushos in the purple surrounding the butterfly.  It is even more bright and cheery in person.

For this next couple of card fronts, I embossed the flower and swirls with white embossing powder onto the watercolor paper.  I used the same technique - applied water to the areas I wanted the color and then sprinkled the Brushos into the space.

I found that the embossing kept the coloring edge a little cleaner, though I played a bit on the swirls by applying water around the embossing.  The water wanted to travel with the embossed edge and so it created a watercolor look that I am surprised how much I enjoy them.

In this last one, I used my Distress markers to add a little definition to the center of the flower.  I think it really worked well.  You can see I've been having a fair amount of fun with the Brusho watercolor crystals.  I am really pleased to have added this tool to my stash and would highly recommend them to anyone willing to play around.  They don't spring out of the box with nearly finished projects - I had to play around a bit to get these finished projects.  However, the colors and the possibilities are endless.  I will say - the price has come down $10 since I bought my set so it seems as though the time is now if you've been thinking about it!  Either way, I hope you are inspired to get your watercolors out and give it a go!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Using Brushos Watercolor Crystals

As promised, I edited some of the photos from my playing around with my new Brusho Watercolor Crystals.  These crystals are tiny - smaller than a grain of salt.  But they pack a punch of color into the small crystals.

For the card fronts I am showing you today, I used a couple different techniques.  This first card front was created in three different layers>  I started by taping my 5 x 7 piece of Strathmore watercolor paper to my work surface.  Kristina Werner suggests using a stand alone firm board, but haven't figured that one out yet.  Taping the paper down reduces the amount of warping if you do so and let it dry before moving.

I used a kids paintbrush (lots of very soft bristles, but little control) and plain tap water to moisten the lower 1/3 of the paper.  I applied the water liberally and completely across the entire width.  After having poked a hole in the top of the Brusho container (watch this video where Jennifer McGuire does the same), simply sprinkled (tapped) the Leaf Green Brusho crystals through the hole and onto my wet paper.  I tapped until I felt the water reaction was going to reach the color I was after.  I dried this layer with a heat tool, then applied water to the middle 1/3 of the paper and repeated with Turquoise crystals and drying once again with the heat tool.  I was careful to mix/blend the colors on the edges as I finished with some Purple crystals.

I can't even tell you how rich the color of this background is.  I've worked with Distress Inks on this kind of watercolor technique, but you usually can't achieve the brilliant colors because of the undertones to the Distress palette.  I think Crafting Rock Star Tim Holz is seeing this and making some adjustments to the palette.

However,without the crystals you wouldn't be able to achieve the small bursts of color in this project or the next example.  As such, the Brusho crystals bring their own unique ability to your tool shed (otherwise known as a Scrapbox!).

This last example was created by randomly combining lots of color crystals in small amounts on paper leftovers and then spritzing with a water bottle.  You can see where I got too much water and the colors blended too much.  However, those tiny bursts of color are fantastic in person.

I will say- the colors are color.  No glittery brilliance here, just bright, vivid colors.  The crystals have so much to offer that I am looking forward to playing around a bit and getting to know these new tools that I have.  I'll definitely share the result with you when I'm done.  If/when I get around to using these backgrounds (you've already seen one card), I'll share that too.

Thanks for reading through my rather long winded post.  Hopefully, you shared in my fun and I've inspired you to use those watercolor tools you have or check out the Brusho's if you get a chance.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our Beautiful World - Beads

Our Beautiful World is a photo blog where the hosts provide a word prompt each week and challenge participants to upload beautiful photography from around the world.  This week the word is Beads.  So I got a few of my Noonday Collection together and took these photos this morning.

Noonday is a home sales business that sells jewelry made in the developing world to help struggling moms and other individuals make a living by selling their product to American consumers.  I've previously hosted a trunk show (their name for inside the home sales) and picked up these pieces.

Each piece comes with the story about how they are made.  The brown beads were local seeds that are gleaned, cleaned and strung into a super long necklace that wraps at least three times around my neck.  Great for multiple different looks.  The green beads are paper beads made by hand by the artisans and strung together with some metal, blingy beads.  Green is my favorite color!  The bracelet is made of hand crafted metal beads.  The metal is gleaned from local fields where artillery shells lay spent.  These shells are melted down and the beads made from the shell casing.  The earings are carved by hand from local shells.

I love how each piece came with a story. The tray is also from Noonday - handcrafted from local wood.  If you get a chance, stop by their website.  You can host a trunk show or just purchase from the website.  I am in no way associated with Noonday, just a fan with an opportunity to share something beautiful with the world.

I'm so grateful for Our Beautiful World and their weekly challenges.  It gets me out of my normal schedule and helps me look at the world differently.  I always am inspired by the other challenge participants.  Stop on over to take a peek or join the fun!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Lost in Thought

I recently picked up some Brusho watercolor crystals.  I'd watched Jennifer McGuire's video and felt I just had to give it a try.  I played around, but haven't snapped photos.  I did use this strip of watercolor "bursts" on a quick note card and thought I would share this card with you here.

The flowers are from an ancient bottle of Making Memories flowers. The centers are Worn Lipstick glitter which also was used around the store bought shaped tag.  The sentiment is a fail - at least in the picture as you can see the very fine "Thinking Of" in all that glitter.  I'm going to attempt to get those photos posted and share the fun with you. I'm certainly enjoying the watercolor techniques right now.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Butterfly Love

I had stamped and die cut these butterflies from pattered paper (hard to see but that is a white polka dot pattern o pale pink paper) using my Heartfelt Creations Botanical Wings stamp and die set.  Looking around for something to do, I found some paper doilies which I'd cut in half for another project.  What to do to use them?

The pictures are hard to see, but the patterned paper 1/2 circles all have glitter pen added accents to add interest.

A whole set of cards that I can give away to someone.  The inside is blank so that they can use these cards for any purpose.

I'm linking up to Simon Says Stamp's Wednesday Challenge Simon Say Anything Goes, Word Art Wednesday's Challenge #198 Anything Goes Family,  and Ruby's Rainbow Challenge #111Diecuts or Punches.  Come j oi n the fun or be inspired.