Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Card

Just a quick post to share a birthday card I made using some scraps from a paper pack.  The card base is simply a piece of cream cardstock that has been enhanced with Scattered Straw, Peeled Paint and Vintage Photo Distress Inks using my ink blending tool.  The base is finished by stamping some swirls using brown Archival Ink.  The brown woodgrain is some washi-type tape I won at the last crop I attended with Brandy at our LSS.   I believe the Happy Birthday stamp comes from a Fiskars set, but I'm not completely sure and the background was treated in a manner similar to the card base, I just pushed the colors a little darker to make the sentiment stand out.  The flower was made following Tim Holtz's tissue tape flower  video.  After I hot glued the flower I applied some magenta chalk ink to the tape to create the vivid color and plopped a pearl bead smack in the center.  I really like how this turned out.  I was able to sort of mass product a few of these that I could use in the coming weeks.

My daughter turns 14 years old today.  There's a reason to celebrate!  Happy Birthday, Katie, my darling dear.

Thanks again for looking.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Miss You Gift

I am currently making the transition from working outside the home to working as a full time wife and mother.  This is an adjustment.  One that I am perfectly fine making, mind you.  However, an adjustment nevertheless.  One of the difficult adjustments is not seeing those wonderful ladies who made each day just a little brighter.  I had the pleasure of working with two of them that made a significant impact on me, Jan and Melissa.  So, recently I made this simple card to send with a few muffins to let them both know I was thinking about them and missing them.  The flower comes from a set of Petaloo flowers I picked up cheap somewhere.  The tag is cut from Cricut's Accent Essentials and stamped with coffee brown Archival Ink.  I  am currently nursing a batch of Friendship bread.  I wrapped up these chocolate/chocolate chip muffins made from the starter.  I am not a big fan of the straight friendship bread recipe, but I have enjoyed making cornbread muffins, these chocolate versions, vanilla with chocolate chips, pumpkin chocolate chip, and many more.  I thought this small token would let both Jan and Melissa know how much I appreciate them and think of them even now when we don't see each other every day.  Plus, it was a lot of fun to put together too!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Another Happy Birthday Card

Just a quick post to share a Happy Birthday card I made for one of my ex-coworkers, Jan.  You might remember her lovely and thoughtful gift to me when I was still working- Isn't she clever?

Well, I couldn't let her birthday go by earlier this month, so this is my creation.  I used the twisted card tutorial that I first heard of from Lori over at Papercrafts by SaintsRule!.  Lori is prolific in her crafting and always a pleasure to check in and see what she's been up to.

This card creates pockets that you can hide (like I did on the inside) or make useful.  I can see me tucking a gift card right behind that flower cluster (can you see the dimension?).  The Happy Birthday sentiment was printed using the computer, including the frame.  The image was fussy cut out and adhered with some foam tape to the inside of the card.

Jan is one of those special people that you hope you know the rest of your life.  I am certain she enjoyed her big day and I tried to make certain she knows how precious she is to me.  Nothing says precious like spending your time creating a beautiful card for a loved one.  Happy Birthday, Jan!


Friday, November 16, 2012

A Frosty White Christmas

When Brandy and I attended this spring's CK scrapbook convention in Mesa, AZ, we took a Heartfelt Creations called 3D Card Creations. As a bonus of attending this class, everyone received a free stamp from Heartfelt Creations booth at the vendor faire.  I promptly picked this Shepherd Scene stamp set.  I was so inspired by some of the examples in the booth with this small tin being primary that I quickly made my selection.  I used their white shepard scene example to create these cards.  The image is embossed using silver embossing powder onto a frame cut from Cricut's Accent Essentials.  I used a premade card set from Michaels as my base, so I had to use my Cricut Design Studio to alter the frame to fit appropriately onto the card base.  The embossed frame is adhered to the rectangular piece of white cardstock using foam squares to create some dimension.  The rectangular piece of white cardstock is also adhered to the card base using foam squares.  I used a $1 ribbon spool from Michaels to finish the look.  The bow was tied independently of the card and adhered with a glue dot.

You can see that different ribbon does create a slightly different look.  At first I really liked the snowflake/star patterned ribbon better.  There is glitter in the snowflake/star that I thought really looked nice.  However, this shiny, simple ribbon has grown on me and maybe this is my favorite now.  I had intended to sell these cards at a craft fair at my church.  Alas, said craft fair was less that successful (probably more to do with small quantities of foot traffic), so I brought these home.  I think I'll donate them to Operation Write Home and/or the lady at my church who takes cards to local nursing homes for the residents who can't get out.  Seems like a lovely use for these beautiful cards.  I surely did have fun making them.


Monday, November 12, 2012

Embellish It's Play All Day- Mesa II

Last week I shared with you one of the page layout kits included in the price for attending Embellish It's Play All Day event last month in Mesa, Arizona.  This is the last post which will include the second page layout kit provided that day.  The event is hosted at a local hotel in one of the ballrooms and each attendee is provided the space and atmosphere to craft from 9:00 am to midnight.  Shelby Dredge (the owner of Embellish It) hosts the event bringing many different layout and card kits to sell creating a little frenzy over picking up much of the Embellish It kit products without the added cost of shipping.

The second of two classes included this layout.  Very attractive two page layout all ready for pictures.  This layout looked amazingly improved with a little Vintage Photo Distress ink around all the edges.

The second of the two layouts made a perfect match for the first.  Again, the papers were enhanced nicely with a little Vintage Photo Distress Ink.  The pages are simple, yet provide space to scrapbook lots of photos which is my preference.  I really like both layouts and plan to include them in a scrapbook soon.  We'll seen what soon might mean.

As mentioned before, both Brandy and I loved our play day out.  The full play day cost us $80.  Considering we received a fully catered, deliciously prepared Italian lunch, eight full scrapbook pages with considerably more embellishments to use later, space to scrapbook, and someone to do the dishes after taking out the trash I would say the cost is well worth it.  The only slightly disappointing part to the entire evening was Shelby's tease.  Throughout the day Shelby will pull door prizes of which you must be present to win.  As the night wears on fewer and fewer folks stuck around so your odds go up.  Shelby teased early in the day that there would be a big grand prize at the end of the night where everyone's name would be added back in and a secret grand prize awarded.  As midnight approached and we became more and more tired, a little excitement began to build.  The excitement was dashed when a name was called and that last person was given a chance at the same prizes we had been selecting from all day long.  The part could have been handled just a little better.  However, Brandy and I shook it off considering how enjoyable the day was.  We would still offer our resounding support to attend an event near you.  Just don't be deceived by the hype and we promise you will not be disappointed in your day.

I have one last project of my own that I worked on during our Play All Day event.  I'll try to get those pictures snapped and post these soon.

Andie (with some input from Brandy!)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Embellish It! Play All Day- Mesa

Brandy and I had the great joy of attending Embellish It's Play All Day event last month in Mesa, Arizona.  Can it be last month already?  This just shows you how fast time flies.  We had attended last year as well and so enjoyed a full day dedicated to our hobby that we knew we couldn't miss it this year as well.  Shelby Dredge does a great job providing the space and atmosphere to craft from 9:00 am to midnight.  I can't say that either Brandy or myself accomplished a whole lot, but we did enjoy ourselves and it is times like these that build memories and cement friendships.

One of the great parts of the day is the two classes involving two of Embellish It's layout kits.

The kits come with all the embellishments that you need to complete the two page layouts as designed.  The kits often include a sticker set with additional embellishments that are not designed into the layout that you can use on cards or other layouts.  The first kit included the Remember Today kit and the Curiosity Shoppe page kit. 

Brandy is a little freaked by the lady with a random crank in her back. We've discussed it so much that I am also now freaked out a little with this image.  I replaced the lady with the bottles stacked on a pedestal.  Much less freaky!

Shelby had a very helpful suggestion when making these types of layouts where layered pieces match on both sides.  She suggested taping the two background 12 x 12 papers together until the layout is done and then cutting them apart later after the layout is finished.  Brilliant idea and so quickly adopted.

The second layout was designed in such a way that I couldn't exactly know where and what size my pictures might be.  I didn't finish putting down the picture backgrounds and, therefore, the embellishments on this layout. 

One note that I would make about this layout.  The image from the kit makes it seem that this background 12 x 12 paper has a real red tint.  That isn't a good rendering.  There is actually a very rosy pink tint to the page making it lovely with the summery embellishments.  Some folks made this layout sort of Christmasy.  Not my style or preference, but it does add a unique element to the layout.

I'll be back later in the week with the second layout class that Shelby conducted that day and closing comments about the Play All Day Event.  Just like last year, we both sound a ringing endorsement of the event.  If you are thinking about attending or wondering if it is worth the price (a little hefty at $80 for the day), we say save your pennies and go for it.  You won't be disappointed.

Brandy and  Andie

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sunshine Award

Brandy and I were surprised to learn that Karon over at Karon's Krafty Korner has honored us by awarding us the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you so much, Karon!  Karon has been a faithful and prolific commenter on our blog and we are grateful for her encouragement and support.  Click on the link above to check out her blog which contains details instructions for completing the projects she features.  Andie has lifted more than her share of ideas and methods from Karon.  Again, thanks Karon.

The Sunshine Blogger Award is a little like a chain letter, but a lot more fun.  The idea is that when you receive the award you answer ten questions about yourself and then bestow the award on ten blogs that you frequent. 

Here are the rules as Karon relayed them:

1.  Include award logo in blog post.
2. Thank the blogger who gave it to you and include a link back to them.
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself, that you have made up yourself.
4. Nominate 10-12 bloggers and contact them at their blog site to inform them.

Since Brandy and I share the blog, we thought we would each take a turn at answering the questions.

Question 1.  Brandy- What do you enjoy most about crafting?

I enjoy that my crafting allows me to be creative and think outside the box. Of course, crafting with my bff, Andie, is also a very enjoyable part of crafting for me.

Question 2.  Andie- What do you enjoy most about crafting?

I am a particularly rules-oriented, detailed person.  Crafting for me is an opportunity to turn on the creative side and express a part of me that has a hard time coming out otherwise.

Question 3.  Brandy- Why did you start up your blog?

Andie and I started the blog to review really great tools and share tips and tricks.  As it turns out, we really haven't done very many reviews of tools although we have included a few tips and tricks along the way. Now, the blog is more about spreading the "disease".  Check out our story here

Question 4.   Andie- Why did you start up your blog?

Brandy hit the nail on the head above.  I think I would only add that it is a good warehouse of the crafts I've done for the past few years.  I've enjoyed having a cataloged place to go to see what I've done or remember a particular technique.

Question 5.  Brandy-What's your favorite blog?

I work full-time- more than full time since I am usually at the office at least 10 hours on weekdays.  This doesn't leave much time for reading blogs.  When I do have time to stroll through a blog or two, Tim Holtz has to be my go-to blog.  His work is so inspirational.  He has prompted more than a few projects and/or ideas.

Question 6.  Andie- What is your favorite blog?

If you've read the blog, you know there are a couple blogs that I repeatedly frequently.  A two blogs I keep up with regularly are PaperCraftsConnection and MoxieFabWorld. These are commercial blogs sponsored by the owners of Paper Crafts and Creating Keepsakes.  Still, there is a vibrant community on these two blogs that I've found fun to watch.  

My all time favorite blog is probably Megan's over at NotMartha.  She shares a wealth of information that range from crafting to baking to reading to techie stuff.  A good portion of my inspiration come from regularly keeping up with Megan's blog.  Check her out.  Seriously.

Question 7.  Brandy- What paper crafting tool couldn't you live without?

I couldn't live without my paper trimmer.  I love my Gypsy, but I think I could live without it.  You can tell that I love my paper trimmer because I've bought a few different ones.  I think I might have one for every room in my house (**I have a small house**).

Question 8.  Andie- What paper crafting tool couldn't you live without?

I have to agree with Brandy about the paper trimmer.  However, in the interest of being interesting, I would add that I couldn't live without Glue Dots.  These little guys are so handy.  I've used them in crafting and non-crafting projects from home to office and back again.  When we first met, I didn't like them so much.  I would find them indiscriminately on clothing, shoes, etc.  However, since we've become fast friends I now know better how to keep them in check.  I always have a store on hand just in case I might need them.

Question 9. Brandy- How would you define yourself (creatively)?

I think of myself as no nonsense.  Everything I do is something I really want to do.  I am adventurous in that I will try new techniques, even if I've never tried them before.  If I get to a place that a project is not heartfelt or I'm not completely passionate about it, I'll stop it and it is done even if it isn't finished. 

Question 10.  Andie- How would you define yourself (creatively)?

I'm a copycat.  I am not an artiste. I think of myself as creative, but I struggle with formal concepts like design and artistic license.  There wasn't any coloring outside of the lines for me as a kid.  As such, my paper crafts tend to be pretty balanced and are often inspired by others work.  I use a lot of layering to create the scene I'm looking for.  I've noticed a new trend in some of my cards lately toward a clean and simple style.  Maybe that's my artist trying to come out.  It will take considerable effort not to lock her away, so I'll keep on trying. 

Hooray!  We've answered our questions and so now it is only left to pass the award to the following blogs-

1.Stephanie at Burlap Kisses

2. Jessica at Errant Scraps

3. Anni at Handgathered

Thank you to everyone that takes the time to visit and to support our blog.  It is fun to post and receive feedback. 

Brandy and  Andie

Monday, November 5, 2012

When Friends Gather Together- Digi Stamp

I'm going to admit something- I never achieved any sort of competency at coloring.  Oh how my anal retentive, perfectionist tried when I was a kid.  No coloring outside of the lines (at least intentionally!), no creative license.  In fact (when I was particularly young- I'll keep the actual age to myself), I would become incensed when my sister would "abstract" her art and scribble all over the page.  Secretly, I think her own perfectionist thought that she would destroy anything not perfect, however, her claim was that she was making art a la Jackson Pollack.

Having gone on- this is just my way of self-deprecating humor before I share with you this beautiful digistamp from Clear Dollar Stamps.  The church and the sentiment come from their Assemble Together set.  

I love how this card turned out.  The image was shaded (so as not to imply any coloring skills!) using Distress Markers and a water pen.  The kraft card was fun to work with as it takes the ink differently than regular cardstock.  I used one of these beauties to send a warm wish to friends we meet with regularly for Bible study.  The verse reminds me how friendship and meeting together is a gift from God and I am thankful for that gift.  I would encourage you to check out Clear Dollar Stamps.  It was quick and easy to pick out this stamp set, purchase and download the image for use.  I think I had this card made in under an hour after purchase.  Yeah!