About Us

Why ViralScrap? To have a complete understanding of how this all came to be, please view this Post.  This blog was started by two best friends whose friendship was initially created when infected with the same crafting bug. Our intention was to provide two different perspectives on crafting and share our tips and tricks along the way. 

As the years have passed, our crafting has changed.  Brandy's work commitments have reduced her participation to occasional posts of finished projects.  Often, Andie writes the content of the posts for Brandy so that these wonderful creations are still shared (hence the "Andie for Brandy" tagline!).  Wherever the content comes from, we feel that we, like you, have a unique perspective on paper crafting.  We're grateful when you stop by to view our crafting endeavors and hope that we can encourage those of you who also juggle work, kids, families, dogs, life and other distractions as you walk through your creative journey.  We've all got a contribution to make, this is ours.

We hope you enjoy the posts and feel free to ask a question or submit a comment on our posts.  We look forward to "infecting" you with the crafting "bug".

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at  Andie manages the email as well.  However, she's in tight with Brandy so your question would definitely be answered.