Sunday, July 31, 2011

Homemade Wedding Shower Card and Wedding Card

Jessica, a co-worker, was married on Saturday. I had the good fortune to be invited to the L' Auberge in Del Mar, California. Her destination wedding afforded my husband and I the opportunity for a weekend away for the first time since our 14 year old was born. Time flies.

Wednesday before the wedding, we had a small celebration at the office. I made this simple (Tuesday night after work- real simple) card. We were to bring a gift that "made marriage easier". So, I brought a mini- food chopper on the pretense that it saves many tears in marriage. Tears from dicing onions, tears from fighting over who will dice the onions, many different tears...

The umbrella is from Cricut's Tie the Knot cart. I found the overlay that the cart provides to be too delicate and intricate given my simple design idea. In addition, the patterned paper was not cooperating and would tear rather than cut cleanly. This is probably a function of my blade age, but I was satisfied with the final design and left it at that. Ultimately, I cut one of the blackout images with brown cardstock and a second with the watercolor green patterned paper. I trimmed the handle and each of the "rain drop" edges on the canopy to allow the brown to show through. The sentiment was created in Word and printed out using my computer. A small scrap of white satin ribbon tied in a bow and glued in place and we're done!

Saturday was a fine affair and everyone enjoyed the ocean breeze as the sun set over the ocean.  Jessica was beautiful in her gown and Hunter was dapper in his chocolate brown suit.  I used Cricut's Tie the Knot cart once again to cut out the sentiment.  The black was cut using the shadow feature and the white was cut using the original image.  A piece of soft green paper to mat and a few pieces of bling was all it took to dress up this minimalistic card.    Dan and I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend away.  We filled our time with seaside excursions to enjoy the ocean which included a tour of the carrier museum, Midway, Point Loma and our trip to Del Mar and the L' Auberge.  It's Sunday morning- we're off again for home, kids, dogs and our regular life.


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