Saturday, June 18, 2016

Another Father's Day Card

I promised this post today.  A paper piecing card with an image from the Silhouette store for Father's Day.  I was totally inspired by Eleven from the Dr. Who series.  Those that know Who know exactly what I'm refering to.  I'm missing the suspenders (they are tucked under the jacket, you just can't see them).  Oh well, I'm not sure my grandfather will get the reference, but I showed this card to my kids and they got it.

All pieces are edged with Vintage Photo and the sentiment is white embossed to create a bit of contrast.  I'm super touched with how well this turned out and hope that it sends just the right message to my dear grandfather - we love you and are grateful to you for all the support and fathering through the years.

What have you planned for tomorrow?  We'll have breakfast with the kids and then plan to drive to California where I have business during the week.  I'm hoping to keep up with all the business committments, that might be a bit tough.

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend.


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?