Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A Simple Wedding Anniversary Card

Just a quick post to show this finished card.  I had previously watercolored the heart as a class assignment for my Online Card Classes Watercolor for Cardmakers.  I added the hand drawn border and a couple of sequins to make this a simple anniversary card.  A co-worker used this and I let her pick her sentiment for the inside.  Simple and to the point.

So I've struggled if or how to say something about the tragic events in Orlando.  This blog is focused on spreading joy through crafting.  I don't enter into most current events.  However, it's  not lost on me that I had an organic response to the tragedy in Paris in this very same blog.  I think the difference is that this happened closer to home - hundreds of miles away, but in our country and to our people.  It reminds me we aren't any safer here.  It reminds me that our response to violence and destruction should be love.  Sending prayers and love to those hurt and healing and those who lost loved ones in the tragedy in Orlando.


  1. I love this card, how beautiful is that heart. If only the rest of the world could grow to love each other. Hugs, Karon xx


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?