Sunday, April 17, 2016

Our Beautiful World - Books

I'm getting back to myself after a bit of an unplanned hiatus.  I contracted the flu along with a good portion of my workplace and spent a week sick.  My hiatus wasn't during this time of illness, but in the week or so after the illness where catching up was the order of the day.  I've been slowly getting back into the swing of things - taking a bunch of pictures today for which I have a fair bit of editing to do.  I'm going to try to finish that and get some posts together for this week - maybe one day at a time!

I couldn't help myself and just had to join the fun over at Our Beautiful World.  The word prompt this week is Books and since we've been doing spring cleaning and taking a ruthless stance on keeping "stuff", I've these photos to share.

I've decided I'm not going to jealously collect books that I don't read and so we've taken down our 25 year old, hand-me-down bookcase.  Along with it, I used a sharp "knife" to glean a few precious jems from the pile and stacked these to sell at a local used book store.  There are a few like Medicine Road by Charles de Lint that I had signed by the author over a decade ago.  These were precious to me, but I still didn't want to keep them so I've created listings over at Ebay to pass these onto a waiting fan.  I've sold a few already as they are first edition books with original author's signature (that scribble off to the left is Charles').  I still have my fond memories of meeting Mr. de Lint, which no one can take from me.

What books do you cherish or are cluttering up space in your home?  Whether they are preciously displayed treasures, simple literary pleasures or something to pass onto another willing home, why not snap a photo and join the fun over at Our Beautiful World?  I did and I'd love to see your photos there!

In the meantime, if you see anything in the photo you'd like I am sure we could arrange a small fee to box and ship to you.   Leave a comment with the title you might be interested in and we'll arrange a method to sort it out!


  1. I do have cases and cases of books in the garage, still reluctant to let it go, I might have to follow your foot step someday soon. Thanks for joining in the fun at OBW!

  2. I must admit that most of my books are in the attic. I sorted them out years ago and let go or no longer wanted.. Godo to hear you are feeling better; take care!

  3. I wish I could sell some books too. I usually give them away!Thanks for sharing in Our Beautiful World!AriadnefromGreece!

  4. It always good to declutter and we do this once a year. One of our local churches does a huge (20,000) book sale every February! TFS


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?