Sunday, January 10, 2016

Our Beautiful World - Favorite

That's my Katie Clarinet Player to the Drum Major's right (he's in white)
This week at Our Beautiful World, the word prompt is Favorite - as in favorite time of the year.  It is not secret and something I shared before that my favorite time of the year is the fall when my daughter goes marching with the high school band.  However, if I think back I find that this wasn't always the case.

Any sense how difficult catching this girl in motion is, let alone when she's flung wide with abandon?

This used to be my favorite time of the year - softball season.  'Course we played spring and fall ball, so I can't technically claim fall - though there was something magical about the fall season.  My husband used to coach the team and Katie as a pitcher.  

When high school began, Katie decided to put up her softball mask and glove and join the marching band.  We were inwardly disappointed as we had loved the time spent on the field.  However, we recognized this as the beginning of her finding her way and making her own choices.  So we traded the softball field for the football field, to watch this...

And to see this...

With the wonderful blessing of watching her in the Fiesta Bowl parade a couple of weeks ago:

Chandler High School Marching Band - who took 3rd place in the Fiesta Bowl parade of all high school marching bands!

Four and one-half hours on the street to watch your kid march by in less than a minute.  That's her in the foreground to the right of this picture.  She smiled and waved like she was Miss America - and to us she was.

As my kids get older I'm starting to realize that us parents are learning just like they are.  We're learning how to let go.  How to marvel at their growth and independence.  To watch their joy.   When I want to grab a hold of these moments, I make a conscious effort to un-clench my proverbial "mom" fist and let go.  This helps to me savor, to bask in the moment as it passes.

Next fall, I will enjoy the last "fall" of this kind as my daughter will be a senior in high school.  I intend to suck the proverbial marrow from the bones of these moments to enjoy them while I can.  Of course, I'm going to capture a few pictures as I go - to remember, to retrieve, to enjoy the memories of these days. 

In fact, I'm going to start now...

Why don't you stop by Our Beautiful World and share your favorite time of the year?!  There's quite a variety.  Or - just stop by and see what everyone else is sharing.  The collection always inspires and doesn't disappoint!


  1. How lovely, and what a wonderful Mum!
    My kids are 10 and 13 and starting the teenage walk.
    I'm very privileged to be starting homeschooling this year and wil get to spend more time with them this year.
    Photos photos photos! :-) Jazzy Jack

  2. Awesome photos and thanks for telling us the story behind all those favourite moments! Thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!

  3. She is adorable;and you are right we learn to accept our children's choices!Thank you for joining us in Our Beautiful World. AriadnefromGreece!

  4. Andie, I enjoyed reading your post. Our daughter was also in the H.S. Marching band (drum line), so this brought back good memories. The only difference was that we were in our winter coats, hats, mittens and scarves drinking hot cocoa.

  5. Beautiful!! What lovely photos! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!
    And thank you for your lovely birthday wishes... so kind of you!

  6. A beautiful post, Andie, and I enjoyed reading the story of you and your precious daughter! Yes it is a challenge to let go of our dear children, isn't it? But like you said, it's a beautiful process to watch and enjoy as well. So, savor every minute you can, she's a beautiful young woman! Thank you for joining OBW :)

  7. Such wonderful photos and what a beautiful post! TFS


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?