Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Very Best of Friends

I hope you've come to know both Brandy and I through these posts.  While Brandy doesn't always create her own posts, she is my driving inspiration.  Our friendship has survived thirteen years of life's stresses and pressures.  That is not to say we've had a lot of internal friend stress.  More that working moms doing high stress jobs spending long hours at the office have often meant that we haven't always been able to spend the time to nurture our friendship.  Thankfully, the past year has been filled with wonderful times spent together not just crafting, but also enjoying each other.  I fondly remember March's Creative Chemistry 101, April's CK convention, a smattering of  crop nights including one at our LSS, our trip to Cottonwood and the Glitter Art Institute, and our Play All Day event in Mesa. 

I've saved this post about one of my favorite gifts for my birthday because all the Christmas hype and my illness would have made it just one more post in a sea of posts.  Hopefully the delay is a true reflection of how very precious this gift was- I want to highlight and focus on Brandy's craftiness.  It is my inspiration and I hope you find inspiration too.

This mini-album was made and conceived in Brandy's mind after a conversation we had one evening.  I was talking about a blog post or comment by a friend about being convicted of loving Jesus.  The challenge was whether your life represented your love of Jesus enough that if you were brought before a court of law that you could be convicted of loving Jesus.  This was very challenging to me personally.  So much so, you've probably heard me talk of it here on this blog before.  Out of the conversation came an idea- both camera shy and usually more focused on doing for others- could we be convicted of being each other's best friend?  Brandy and I dedicated ourselves to taking photos and going places together- creating evidence that we could be convicted of being friends.  From that thought and her creative wellspring Brandy developed this mini-book.  Now, when pressed in a court of law, I can definitely provide evidence that Brandy and I are best friends. 

I can't promise to know where all the craft supplies came from or what particularly inspired each page.  You'll  notice a theme in the quotes and the liberal use of Spellbinders frames.  Much of the paper is from Brandy's stash and purchased items she intended for the project.

What you haven't been shown is the very lovely, personal and handwritten notes that are on the backs of the pull out tags.  These words of encouragement were meant for me and so I've kept them for me.  I page through my album when I need a pick me up or just to admire all the hard work.

There is the liberal application of Distress Inks through out mainly applied using the Ink Blending Tool

One of my favorite memories with Brandy- meeting the paper craft rockstar, Tim Holtz.  Thank you Brandy!
See that evidence?

The details that went into the crafting of each page.  Here the sentiment was embossed using a stamp.  Gorgeous!

Our trip to Sedona was such a treat.  We I was giddy at the Glitter Art Institute!

Everything from the paper choices to the color scheme (green is my favorite color followed closely by blue!) to the kind words are just precious.  I am so grateful for my gift.  I intend to use it as inspiration forever. 

Thank you, my Brandy.  I've evidence now!



  1. How precious and perfect. She truly did an amazing job!

  2. WOW Andie - what a precious gift from Brandy. Something to cherish for years to come. Brandy - you are an inspiration not only to Andie but all of us. This is so well thought about and filled with love for your best friend! I love all the details and those sentiments and quotes are so perfect. Fabulous post Andie, thank you for sharing. Have a fabulous rest of the week both. Hugs, Karon.


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?