Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Great Grandma's Calendar

Last year I had a great idea for my grandma's Christmas gift.  At her age (in here 80s) she has almost everything she could want or need.  She has collected teapots, nutcrakers, thimbles, teacups, and crown paraphernaliaWith over 16 grandkids and 35 great grandkids the pictures alone overwhelm her home.  Even though she lives in Colorado- a long 15 hour drive from us in Arizona- she feels as close as my second skin.  This is because she is the best grandma in the whole world.  As such, I wanted to give her some of our best photos and what better way that to create a scrapbook calendar.  Alas, in the Christmas rush last year I didn't get photos made and posted.  I didn't make that mistake this year (though I delayed this post in order to keep the present a surprise). 

Pardon me for the long post, but here's an offering of the pages which include photos of my lovely Grandma, Grandpa and my kids.  You'll even find the rare jem- me in a photo.

The 2013 was cut using my Design Studio and Cricut's Ashlyn's Alphabet cart.  

Swirls cut from Cricut's French Manor cart.

Flowers were cut previously and in the stash using Cricut's Flower Shoppe cart.

Another stash swirl from French Manor.  Same as below.

Katie regularly grows her hair out and cuts at least 12 inches off to donate to Locks of Love.  This was a purposeful act we started when she was just three.  I didn't want my girl to be too self conscious of her hair (which grows incredibly fast and, though fine, grows in very dense).  This was a way to teach her to give to others while enjoying various different hair styles.  Plus, Arizona summers can get pretty warm and short hair is advantageous. 

A good portion of the photos were taken during our recent trip in October to visit with my grandparents.  It was my son Timothy's birthday who shares the day with my Uncle Mitch (red jacket, left of picture).  This family photo was taken at Red Lobster after the obligatory birthday dinner.  I'm the photographer.

The calendar kit came from Hobby Lobby, Paper Studio's 8 x 8 Calendar Kit.  Most of the patterned paper comes from the kit and some of the solid cardstock.  The papers in the kit are very thin- you need to carefully cut the paper to keep it from fraying (my only complaint).  I believe they offer this kit in a 12 x 12 as well and sell blank calendars where you can use your own patterned papers.  Many of the embellishments are from the kit though I've thrown in some from the stash.  This is a very good time to have a stash.  The kit provides the stickers to place on the opposing calendar portion making the kit versatile for any year.  I loved this so much, I made a slightly different one for myself that I hope to get photographed and posted sometime soon. 

I've already received my thank you card from grandma.  She was looking forward to hanging the calendar up before the new year started.  I smiled broadly, feeling that warmth of satisfaction that only a well thought through gift can bring.


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  1. Andie this is truly wonderful and such a lovely gift that your grandma can now enjoy the whole year through:-) Have a great rest of the week.


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?