Monday, November 12, 2012

Embellish It's Play All Day- Mesa II

Last week I shared with you one of the page layout kits included in the price for attending Embellish It's Play All Day event last month in Mesa, Arizona.  This is the last post which will include the second page layout kit provided that day.  The event is hosted at a local hotel in one of the ballrooms and each attendee is provided the space and atmosphere to craft from 9:00 am to midnight.  Shelby Dredge (the owner of Embellish It) hosts the event bringing many different layout and card kits to sell creating a little frenzy over picking up much of the Embellish It kit products without the added cost of shipping.

The second of two classes included this layout.  Very attractive two page layout all ready for pictures.  This layout looked amazingly improved with a little Vintage Photo Distress ink around all the edges.

The second of the two layouts made a perfect match for the first.  Again, the papers were enhanced nicely with a little Vintage Photo Distress Ink.  The pages are simple, yet provide space to scrapbook lots of photos which is my preference.  I really like both layouts and plan to include them in a scrapbook soon.  We'll seen what soon might mean.

As mentioned before, both Brandy and I loved our play day out.  The full play day cost us $80.  Considering we received a fully catered, deliciously prepared Italian lunch, eight full scrapbook pages with considerably more embellishments to use later, space to scrapbook, and someone to do the dishes after taking out the trash I would say the cost is well worth it.  The only slightly disappointing part to the entire evening was Shelby's tease.  Throughout the day Shelby will pull door prizes of which you must be present to win.  As the night wears on fewer and fewer folks stuck around so your odds go up.  Shelby teased early in the day that there would be a big grand prize at the end of the night where everyone's name would be added back in and a secret grand prize awarded.  As midnight approached and we became more and more tired, a little excitement began to build.  The excitement was dashed when a name was called and that last person was given a chance at the same prizes we had been selecting from all day long.  The part could have been handled just a little better.  However, Brandy and I shook it off considering how enjoyable the day was.  We would still offer our resounding support to attend an event near you.  Just don't be deceived by the hype and we promise you will not be disappointed in your day.

I have one last project of my own that I worked on during our Play All Day event.  I'll try to get those pictures snapped and post these soon.

Andie (with some input from Brandy!)

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  1. Two super LO's. I love the papers and the design. What fabulous pages. TFS also thank you for your lovely comment on my blog today and your continued encouraging words:-)


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?