Friday, October 5, 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas

Just a quick post.  Not a great picture, but I ran across this picture of the gift I made for my co-workers last year.  It is not a fancy gift, but a good example of blending my frugal (cheap?) craftiness.  My daughter, Katie, is a Girl Scout and sells fall products to support troop activities.  Last year they sold some yummy butter toffee peanuts.  I purchased 12 containers and altered the look to celebrate Christmas.  The original container is colored by the Girl Scouts, lots of primary colors with green and yellow being predominant.  The lid was actually a bright yellow.  This proved my biggest challenge as paper didn't want to wrap around the lid and look nice.  Tissue tape to my rescue.  I tore pieces of tissue tape and adhered it randomly to the outer rim.  Since the yellow still came through the slightly transparent tissue tape and the tape takes ink well, I used a chalk ink to alter the tape and cover the lid color completely.  The tape wanted to separate from the lid (the flexibility of the plastic lid was not friendly).  Easy enough, I cut the circle with my Cricut and the snowflakes using Cricut's Winter Lace cart.  These pieces were glued in place with a hot glue gun (do you see the spot of glue on the leading edge of the snowflake right in the middle?).  Finally, the "button" front was made by edging a rectangular piece of red cardstock with a snowflake edge punch.  The brads were placed and a piece of crochet thread laced up the buttons.  All that and a large sale for the Girl Scouts (Katie was top seller for her troop).  Christmas is approaching, so give it a try.


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