Sunday, July 10, 2016

Our Beautiful World - Play

The ladies over at Our Beautiful World are at it again with a new word prompt this morning,  Play.  There's adorable photos of at least two dogs ready to play.  We're currently dog less and to soothe my poor dog less heart I pulled out these photos of my daughter's marching band so that I could share as well.

These photos are from the last time I saw the band play together, at the Fiesta Bowl parade.  My daughter,  Katie, started her last year in marching band on Tuesday.  They are currently in the middle of band camp,  the two weeks before school where they train the freshman and begin the process of learning to play together.

I've long said that I'd join an adult co-ed marching band league if there where such a thing!  Since this geek-fest league doesn't exist, I experience vicariously though my daughter.   I intend to enjoy every minute of this last year and savor the fun as it comes.

What photos do you have of Play in your life?  Come join the fun over at Our Beautiful World and share your photos!


  1. Great photos Andie, I really enjoyed them. Thank you for sharing at OBW!
    Greetings from Finland

  2. It looks fun, thanks for sharing with us at Our Beautiful World!


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?