Friday, November 27, 2015

Our Beautiful World - Vintage November

Our Beautiful World is at it again.  This week's prompt was Vintage November.   I couldn't think of anything more vintage than my mom's Thanksgiving day table.  This shot is from 2006, but it looks as though it would have been at home in the 60s or 70s.  My mom has a set of Johnson Brothers Friendly Village china which just screams vintage to me, but that could be because she's had it since I was a kid.  The figurines in the center are from the 60s and if you were to look close are chipped from use over the years.

Vintage when used as an adjective can also mean "of best: representing what is best or most characteristic of somebody or something.  Of course, for me that would be marching band.  At least 27 years ago, I spent my November Friday nights at the football field cheering on the team.  Now, I get the distinct pleasure of spending a November Friday night with my daughter's high school team at the field.  nothing better (that's my Katie nearest to the photographer on his right side, smiling away!).

We had the distinct joy of hosting my grandparents last Friday night.  They came and braved the weather (a WHOLE 65 degrees outside - look how bundled up we were!) to watch the game and our daughter march.  Sadly, the Chandler High Wolves could not make it work and lost to the Desert Ridge Jaguars who are playing tonight for the championship.  We'd hope to have made it ourselves, but consoled each other when Katie's band took second place at the tournament the next night.  

What does a Vintage November look like in your part of Our Beautiful World?  Come join the fun or just take a gander at what others have shared.  It's always fun with the ladies over at Our Beautiful World.


  1. I love your mother's heartwarming Thanksgiving tablescape. That set of china is gorgeous, and the sweet pilgrims in the centerpiece remind me of a set my aunt gave me when I got my first apartment. Thanks for your visit and Blessings!

  2. That table setting definitely qualified for vintage, it is awesome, there are things that look familiar to me, it reminds me of those wonderful antique store by the water in Seattle, totally awesome! Fun family outing too, thanks for sharing! : )

  3. I love, LOVE those gorgeous dishes! I love anything vintage!!! What a beautiful table you had for Thanksgiving! Your photo is perfect for the vintage theme!!!!

  4. How beautiful those plates are! Fabulous photos once again ... Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!

  5. Fabulous photo's and love the Thanksgiving table, those plates are wonderful! TFS


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