Sunday, November 8, 2015

Our Beautiful World - Space

Our Beautiful World is at it again.  This week's word prompt is Space.  This is such a fabulous word as it has such varied and different meanings.  Pop on over to see some wonderful photography from around the world.  I'm going to link this photos of my ScrapBox as this is what I immediately thought of when I heard their word prompt. 

I live in a small house (1640 sq. ft.) by most American standards.  I've been questioned by many - why not move to a bigger house?  Certainly there are plenty around and available.  We've lots of reasons for staying where we are, but mostly it comes down to my husband and I which are homebodies.  We like where we are and don't see a reason to change.  However, with two children in such a small, three bedroom house, storage is a problem and I am papercraft supply addict.  Thus enters the Scrapbox.  The only open space that is not in use is in the living room and so I needed something that fit into the decor.  This cabinet is perfect.

I no longer have craft storage anywhere else. All my sewing supplies are inside this box. All my supplies for kids crafts are inside this box. No more hiding places, just enough space to store my tools and supplies.

Another great thing about my ScrapBox is that I know where stuff is.  There are labeling places on each bin.  

The simple fact of the matter is that my ScrapBox is equal to the kind and customer-oriented service provided by the folks over at The Original ScrapBox.  The prices are not small.  However, this is a piece of furniture in my living room.  Paper crafting and all other sorts of crafty stuff is a part of who I am.  I will always accumulate some stash of craft supplies, whether they are properly organized or not.  Having my stash organized and available, yet shut away for Sunday night Bible study is part of what allows me to create beautiful cards and other crafts on very short notice.  From that standpoint, I consider the cost of my ScrapBox small in comparison.  Check them out!  The Original Scrapbox.

When you are done checking them out, stop on over at Our Beautiful World to see all the lovely photos of Space!


  1. That is one great space to store those craftiness, I am amazed by how neat and well organized (you should look at my mess, LOL), great share Andie, thanks for joining us every week at Our Beautiful World, sure is good to have your there!

  2. OMG you got one! This is fabulous - love love love it and that it hides everything away when you don't need to see it - perfect! Sorry not been buy, just playing catch up now :-) Hope you are well.

  3. OH!! I WANT ONE!!! How absolutely fabulous! And yes, its amazing what you can store away - and its your space! What a great photo for the theme! Thanks for sharing and playing along with Our Beautiful World!

  4. WOW! I love your wonderful way to store crafts! What a great way to use the prompt space!

  5. Oh my that's amazing!! I need one... or two of them Lol!! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?