Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Our Beautiful World - Dancing

One of our most fun traditions is when Dan's sister and her family join us on New Year's Eve for a celebration.  When Kirsty posted this week's Our Beautiful World word prompt- Dance - I immediately thought of this year's New Year celebration.  We had picked up some sparklers and then the night became cold and rainy.  The kids (who are now, from left to right, Michael 13, Susannah 15, Katie 16 and Tim 18) didn't want to let a good box of sparklers go unused and decided to huddle on the porch out back.  When they couldn't run around in the rain- they came up with the idea of creating 2-0-1-5 in the air with the sparklers- catch a picture mom!!!

The light danced,  but I didn't adjust my shutter speed fast enough to get it all in one picture.  I caught the dancing light in various poses short of anything that looked like a 2-0-1-5.  They giggled their way through the exercise finally deciding that the boys needed the easy jobs- the "0" and the "1".   Notice the oldest boy is now creating the "1".

I just couldn't adjust fast enough and never did get a shot close to the right image.  However, once the reassignment of duties occurred, us adults could stare into the dancing light and clearly see a 2-0-1-5.

You go girls!

Come join the fun and/or take a peek at pictures which more closely translate the word prompt over at Our Beautiful World.  I guarantee fun!


  1. I still remember playing these sparkles as a kid, so fun, thanks for reminding me of those fun time with you lovely pictures!

  2. What a great fun photo Andie, the dancing sparklers sure are fun, whatever age we are. Thanks for sharing with OBW

  3. so magic to watch at the sparklers, thanks for sharing at "OBW"

  4. These are such wonderful photos - fabulous celebrations TFS!

  5. Ah such sweet memories ... Great photos that really take me back ... Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?