Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Beautiful World- Clouds

I regularly read from Kirsty Vittetoe's blog, Handmade Little Things.  She is so creative.  She also posts over at Our Beautiful World.  Sometimes I join in the photo prompt.  This week was one of those weeks.

The challenge word was clouds.  I had been reading through some old posts and read about our very unusual weather last February.  Phoenix, Arizona is known for the dry heat and wonderfully cool, but not cold Februarys.  Last year though, we had an unusual storm blow through and leave behind graupel.  This snow-like substance was stunning to see and we snapped a few pictures on the drive home.  I told the whole story in this post.  Here's my photos:

The sun was actually shinning most of the drive home.  It was a head-shakingly awesome sight.  In light of the winter the North has had this year, these photos might seem like a taunt.  However, this was truly wacky Phoenix winter weather.

Come join the fun or just see the cool photography over at:


  1. I am so glad you are able to share your awesome "clouds" with us this week at Our Beautiful World, nice to have you here, and thanks so much for the shout out my friend!

  2. It doesn't take long for the sky to change :) Lovely series of cloud shots.

  3. Wow!! Fabulous photos ... I did go back and read the original post ... I can imagine how very strange this weather was for you .. Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World!!

  4. Andie, thanks for posting your fabulous cloud photos at OBW this week. So interesting to read about various weather anomalies across the globe. Great, big, fluffy clouds in a glorious blue sky but I suppose causing quite dangerous driving circumstances. Cheers and have a great week. Robyn

  5. Great shots from the winter storm, so interesting to see all the natural phenomenon all over the world
    thanks for sharing this with us at "Our Beautiful World"

  6. Your clouds are amazing. Being the daughter of a pilot, watching clouds was something we were brought up to do - these look quite menacing clouds!! Bring on the soft cotton wool type clouds!
    Wren x

  7. Fabulous photos - love those clouds. Weather, such a fickle thing! Andy sent me a photo from Winnipeg this morning - can you believe it - they had snow!!

  8. Great cloud shots and I love the snow...I have only ever seen snow once in my life and sadly didn't have a camera with me to take any shots.


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