Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Make Your Own Tutu

My niece, Mackenzie, recently celebrated her third birthday.  Cute, adorable and ever so charming, I couldn't think of a gift more enjoyable to this girly girl than a tutu.  A few weeks ago, we "handed down" some of Katie's things to Kenzie which included a tutu my mother had made.  My thought was that Kenzie should have her own.  So I searched the net and found a very easy method for making a tutu at home.  The first instructions I found could not be improved upon and are located here.  She recommends using a lot more tulle than I ended up using, but I was also making this for a much smaller human.  If you search the web, there are plenty of adult women making tutus for themselves.  Maybe, if I was just a smidge younger I might try it....

Here's my final result:

                                                                              I selected tulle that had sparkles in both light pink and white.  I ended up cutting the strips approximately 2 inches wide and 14 inches long.  Folded in half to create the tie to the ribbon, the lengths are approximately 6 inches long.  The effect is quite lovely.

I ended up tying a knot at each side thinking that a three year old might work the tulle off the end of the ribbon just out of curiosity.  My desire is that Kenzie would be able to play with her tutu, wear it on random trips to the grocery store with mom or dad, or even on a trip to the park.  The process was so simple and quick to make, I would be a happy auntie to make six more over just the next year if she desires me to.  After all, what are aunties for?

Auntie Andie

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