Saturday, April 23, 2011

PaperCrafts Connection

It's not like I have a lot of time to follow blogs.  Working full time, having busy kids to take to various events, and then keeping a house doesn't make for a lot of time to craft and/or read blogs.  Even so, I have found a couple of good blogs to keep up with.  I've dusted off my speed reading skills and typically skim the content.  That's the bonus of having a hobby that is extremely visual- you don't really need words to be inspired.  I feel the same way about craft magazines.  I like how they look in the display at the store, but to actually spend the money for them is typically not my cheapfrugal mentality.  Several years ago, my good friend Keri changed all that.  She gifted me a subscription to Paper Crafts magazine (one of the best Christmas gifts I've received).  I've subscribed ever since.  When I recently keyed into the fact that they have a blog- I thought I would check it out.  I can't say I typically read all of the copy posted there, but I find the crafts to be interesting, fun and very inspiring.  I even entered a contest or two.  Guess what- I won!  Of course I won based on a random draw, but in my book (and I do keep track!) a win is a win.  The box came a few days later- 
Yep- that's right- Andrea Miller

When I ripped the box open, oh the goodies I found.  The prize package was from the My Beautiful Balloon feature in the March/April magazine.  I entered the I Spy contest- answering questions about the magazine.  My name is published right there in black and white.
The package contained papers, stickers (including the cute cardboard Thickers letter stickers), brads, and ribbons from the American Crafts City Park collection, stamp sets from Practicing Creativity Designs (never heard of them, but how cute are they?) and Unity Stamp, and 7 Gypsies rub ons. The real trick is now to be worthy of the gift and make something fun to give away and bless others.  Wow, do I feel grateful. Check them out and see if you, too, can be a winner!


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