Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CK Scrapbooking Convention

In our original post, we confessed our disease.  Brandy infected Andie at the Mesa CK Scrapbook Convention and the rest was history.  Well, this month was the annual event.  We had made our reservations for two classes, an acryllic book sponsored by Button Farm, and the latest and greatest from Boxer Scrapbook Productions.    The time flies by.  We made a trip through the vendor faire, fortified ourselves for the evening with dinner at a local restaurant and then back to the convention hall for the crop. 

A rare picture captured by a fellow tablemate Saturday night
(notice the obligatory snack front and center!)
I finished my Sweet Memories acryllic book and started to use my Paper Crafts Connection prize package.  Brandy worked on her Harley Davidson mini-book.  She continues to create some of the best stuff, but I haven't been able to convince her to post here.  Still trying...

One of the fun things they do at the crop is give away prizes.  There is often a high quantity of prizes given.  Even though neither of us won something big, I did win a small set from Studio Calico that included their vintage patterned flowers, wood veneer square frames and pink Houndstooth fabRips (sticky fabric strips). 

 The vintage paper flowers were immediately handed over to Brandy who had resisted the urge to purchase this specific embellishment without a planned purpose earlier in the day.  A free gift goes home without guilt!  I had also resisted the urge to buy some wood veneer product, so I, too, left with the gift that goes without guilt.  Now to get to the crafting and use some of this stuff.
For those counting, this would be my second win in a couple of weeks.  I am not worthy, I am not worthy... but I am going to try to earn worthy and post what I did with my gifts.  Til then, catch the bug!


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