Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Name Banners II

I promised a second post on the name banner just to show you the differnt looks that can be made.  Here we used the Cindy Loo Font and Font Layer- two different cardstock cuts.  This adds a little extra time to the preparations, but also makes the banner a sturdy construction.  Here is where I should pause and caution any potential name banner makers.  If you use the lighter weight cardstock the banner can rotate and twist on you depending upon how the banner it tied together.  This is another reason to use the fonts that have layers, more stability.  As you can see in this sample, a variety of colors, some not directly coordinating, were selected for use in the emblishments. 
A white velvet ribbon was used to connect the letters for Jessica's banner.  Some creative placement of the connections was used to make sure the banner hung appropriately with out weakening the tops of letters like the "I".  Most of all, let you teenager-in-training have free creative reign and watch as they make combinations and color selections you might never thought of or would even prefer.  Just be sure to leave the general vicinity of the present opening to prevent hearing loss from the high squeals and piercing exclamations as the teen opens her gifts.  Okay maybe it isn't that bad, but I certainly feel as though it might be... I'm getting old.


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