Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Small Little Thank You Cards

Ultimately, as the baby shower for my co-worker approached, I couldn't help but think that she might need a set of Thank You cards for the plethora of gifts that she gave.  I threw these together one evening.  I used my MISTI tool to stamp each card in exactly the same location, stamping all 20 cards in a matter of minutes after I figured out where to place the stamp.  I cut the stars from patterned paper I had used to spruce up the photo album (check out the project here).  Using a small piece to ribbon to bind them, this was my second part of the gift.

I ended up decorating a plain kraft colored gift bag to hold all the goodies.  That's more of the leftovers from the mini-album kit.  I have plenty left that, should I need another baby shower card soon, I can probably make several more cards.  It was so fun to bless the mom-to-be with all these wonderful touches. I think she enjoyed each and have even seen a thank you card out and about in the workplace.

I've held the new mister already as well.  He came not soon after I made these goodies and I consider any my effort repaid in kind getting to smell the sweet smell of newborn baby and feel his soft skin.  Wishing you the same opportunities soon!


  1. Awwwe and you got to hold the new baby :-) Don't you just miss those wonderful moments - children grow up so quickly. Love this little set of gift cards - what a wonderful idea. Have a fabulous weekend.


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?