Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Baby Girl Handmade Album

Ladies and the occasional gentleman, I give you a work of art.  Brandy was at it again using Mambi's Baby Girl paper pad and some chipboard to create from scratch this lovely mini-album.

The pages are filled with pockets which hide patterned and cardstock paper mats.  These can be used to adhere photos or other momentos or simply removed to place cards and other memorabilia into the album.

Many of the animal images are die cut layers from Cricut's Create a Critter cart.  Brandy masterfully chose matching cardstock and created these cute creatures which adorn most of the pages.

Most pages fold out to reveal more matted sections for photos, often the images aren't fully glued down so that the photos can be tucked behind the creature.

Many of the word sentiments are epoxy stickers that simply look like they belong on the page.

Many areas are secreted away where the mom or dad can journal and write important memories into the book.

I think this might just be my favorite page.  Not sure if it is the butterflies, those fabulous trees, the tiny flowers, twine or the opposing page with layered cardstock for pictures and journaling.  Simply magnificent.

Tell me that polka dotted elephant isn't the cutest!

The goodness just keeps coming.  A waterfall album at the back just in case you don't have enough room for pictures.

Lovely, don't you think?  Every single time Brandy graces me with a peek at her work I snap photos to share with you.  We've been at this quite a while and her skill is definitely worth sharing with all of you. I hope it inspired and brightened your day.


  1. Love the sweet color! Wonderful baby girl album!

  2. WOW - Brandy - this is one stunning album!! Gorgeous papers and design !


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?