Monday, July 9, 2012

Contagiously Crafty on Etsy

A good friend of mine lost her mother recently.  I've previously blogged about Keri and her mom, Vi-  making the sympathy card, remembering Vi at May Day, and often in my thoughts as I craft.  Vi was a lifelong crafter.  She had owned a craft shop when Keri was young and kept up with her skills over the years.

I even had the pleasure of listening one day as Vi explained her love of landscape weavings.  She had just spent the day with one or two of the grandkids (Keri's children) making a landscape weaving.  These beautiful works of art represent a somewhat obscure craft, that Vi turned into a passion.

Keri shared her concern with what to do with all of the various skeins, balls, and scraps of leftover yarn that Vi collected for use in the weavings.  Being a good friend, I offered to take some of the burden off of Keri's hands.  Thus began Contagiously Crafty on Etsy.  Keri will work towards making her own postings of the finished landscapes, but in the meantime, I am trying to sell some of the yarn supplies.  Here's a taste of the first offerings.  

Each yarn stash consists of similar and like colored skeins, some of which are wrapped into balls using a yarn winder.

Other stashes have some skeins in their original windings with the original labeling.

If you see a stash you are interested in, click on the individual picture which will take you to my Etsy store front.  This is not an auction sale.  Each listing has a set price and shipping fee.  If there is a particular color of yarn you might be looking for and/or a specialty type of yarn, do not hesitate to email me.  You can find my contact information on the About page.  Thanks for looking!


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