Friday, November 19, 2010

Halloween Costumes

I know this is late. However, since our blog goal is to encourage others, I still wanted to make this post. My daughter, Katie, is turning 12 this year. With only an older brother, she is on the brink for Halloween. Should she trick or treat? Should she not? Last year we went to a concert at the Arizona State Fair with some of our very favorite Christian rock bands. So, when Katie received an invitation for a costume party for Oct. 30th this gave her the reason to forgo trick or treating and head to the fair once again. The following pictures outline the costume we created.

Katie's Girl Scout Troup celebrated Friendship Day as a part of the larger World Thinking Day in spring of 2010. The local neighborhood group pulls together 10-25 troops to host a festival. The idea is that each troop is assigned a country to represent and they create a booth to share information about the country including traditions, food, and other cultural specialties. This year Katie's troop represented Spain and they made Flamenco dancer costumes. We took the skirt and mantilla that were already made and added a fan, some flowers and dramatic make up.

The first thing that we needed was a fan. M's sourced a roll of ribbon for $2.50 on sale. The ribbon had wire edges making it easy to bend in half and accordion fold. After that is was just a matter of hot gluing the ribbon down onto popsicle sticks that we had on hand. With hindsight, I should have painted the popsicle sticks with black paint, but we didn't have any on hand and the goal in our house is to keep it simple and cheap.
The girls had previously made their mantilla's with a ½ yd. of black lace. The lace was accordian folded and hot glued to a $1 black headband. We added the red flowers by hot gluing to the headband. A charm and black ribbon from a recent wedding favor served as a choker necklace. The red flowers on the shirt were hot glued to safety pins and pinned to a black shirt we already had.

The skirt was made for the festival. Better people than I have provided instructions for making a skirt like this. Don't look too close- the pleating isn't uniform from one tier to the next, the seams are uneven, and the fabric edge tends to fray- nothing that a 12 year old girl concerns herself with. We used some more of the flowers with the safety pins as a decoration for the skirt.
Finally, a pair of slip-on ½ in. heals from the local thrift store and she feels like a Flamenco dancer.

I am really committed to encouraging us all to find our inner craftiness and look for ways to invest in our childrens lives.

Here's the financial investment (keeping in mind the cost of the skirt and mantilla were paid for by the troop and equaled about $25):

    Black lace                  $2.50 + tax
    Popsicle Sticks           $1.50 + tax (already had some, though)
    Red Flower bush        $2.50 + tax
    Safety Pins                  on hand
    Hot glue gun                on hand (look at the thrift shop for a cheap one- all it does
                                                     is melt glue.  Plug it in and if it gets hot- it works)
    Shoes                          $2.50 + tax
                Total                $10.00

Katie would tell you the best part about the costume was the anticipation of seeing it all come together. Also, if you cultivate spending this kind of time with your kids, they initiate for you. Katie is the one that came to me and requested that we use her costume from the Friendship Day and also suggested many of the additions. She never felt like we were being cheap or skimping on her costume. As a result, she won the Best Costume Award at her party. Now that's a smile worth a million dollars!

Catch the crafting spirit and pass it on!

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