Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ok- so here is my first try at this sort of thing.  I had the privilege of participating in our church's Orange You Glad You Know Jesus? celebration last weekend.  It was a blast to see the kids dress up in orange.  Each orange item you wear counts as one (1) point.  If you bring a visitor- that counts as 50 points.  The class with the most points wins a pizza party some point in the near future.

Well, I couldn't just leave it at that- the Cricut was brought out and I went to town.

I ended up making cute medallions for the boys.  They were very simple- I crocheted the necklace out of a thick wool yarn.  The emblem was created using a graphics program- my son had to teach me how to do that.  After I printed the emblem out on the orange cardstock, I simply used my Cricut Accent Essentials and the Centerpoint function to cut a 2 ¼ in. circle.  There are many places on the web that explain the Centerpoint function much better than I, try this. 

Since the girls enjoy a more girly look (we lead the 2nd grade group), I also thought that some hair “pretties” would also be a great add.  So I cut out the flowers in sizes incremented by 1/4” starting at 2 ¼” all the way up to 3”.  I simply embellished the top layer of the flower with glitter glue, Smooch (more to come on this product in future posts) and some rockin’ cool gemstones.  This can be easily made out of scraps left over from any project and bring a bright thrill to the eye of your young lady.

You can also see the thin, plastic headbands used for some of the flowers.  The flowers are attached with a small dab of hot glue.  Additionally, I used safety pins I had on hand to hot glue to a few of the medallions for my husband and a few other more “mature” participants.

Orange you glad you know Jesus?  I am.


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