Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Pinkish Graduation Celebration

I'm checking in to share with you pictures from the graduation celebration for my daughter.  First up is this tiny treat bag.  I purchased these treat bags and then used the same stamping technique as I used on the invitations to decorate the paper bags.  Inside is some Smarties candies - because Katie is such a smarty pants!

Pink is Katie's signature color, so there was much pink in the decorations and the presents. I used my Clean Color watercolor markers to color some black and white wrapping paper as decoration.  Inside - a pink baseball cap and the pink gift contained some rare coins -from the year she was born and this year she graduates.

Pink is not her school color, but her favorite color, so table cloths and decorations in various shades.

The paper products from Paper Eskimo were a splurge for me - I usually go on the cheap for these kinds of disposable products.  However, perfect for the theme and matched the invitations.

I handmade and decorated the cake (can't you tell!).  Inside - strawberry box cake with dark pink sprinkles mixed into the cake batter before baking to make her own pink "funfetti" cake.  Some homemade buttercream frosting finished the look.

We had the food catered from a local Mexican food restaurant.  Keepin' it simple for the graduate.  Everyone had a blast, though you can never spend enough time with the partygoers.  I suppose this might be one of my last big parties for my kids as we'll have an empty nest soon.  It was worth it!


  1. Everything is so so sweet, congrats!

  2. WOW fabulous and that cake is amazing! Go you! xx


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?