Sunday, April 1, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101-Distress Stickles Technique

The last technique, the last day of instruction!  How did it end so soon?  Well, all good things and all that...  The last technique shared was using Distress Stickles.  Honestly, I hadn't actually owned Distress Stickles because I tend to only buy Stickles when I have a specific purpose in mind.  I don't use them much as I have glittler in excess and  it's just easier to lay down some clue and glitter when I need it.

When Tim described Distress Stickles and how to use them, I was surprised.  They aren't really meant (though you can) to be used to create dots of glitter or swirls on the page much like I've seen for the remaining Stickles line.  Instead, they are used to create a fine layer of glitter by spreading over the top of the finished product.  I just used my finger to gently rub the stickles directly on the tag surface.  I knew I had to use green on my last tag.  So this one was made with Peeled Paint, Vintage Photo and Shattered Straw.  My intention is to use these techniques in cards and other projects.  Hopefully this inspiration infusion will create a desire to craft regularly.  Crafting is relaxing and stress reducing as it reminds me that I am not the sum total of what I do at work day in and day out. 

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  1. Lovely piece! It photographed great..You can see the the rock candy nicely. Thanks for sharing as it made the class even more fun learning with everyone.


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?