Thursday, October 4, 2018

Cleaning Out the Stash

I've had some big changes recently with the passing of my grandma and some other personal changes. It is a tough thing to go through change, but it can also be cathartic.  I've just decided to use this as an opportunity to focus elsewhere and my stash got a fair scrutiny.  Ultimately, I went through every craft supply and made some tough decisions to cull and give away. Brandy and I went to the Scrapbook Expo and there was a "One man's junk is another man's treasure" table.  In the end, I brought one big bag full of stickers and other scrapbook supplies from my grandma's house and another, matching sized box of various tools, stamps and other supplies from my stash.  Those things were snatched up (*mostly) within about 45 minutes. I am hoping that the persons who benefited will put them all to good use.

One thing I didn't give away was a bunch of card kits that I found in the stash.  These two cards are the outcome of that effort. I finished them during the all day crop at the Expo.  The card design is simple, but effective and these cards will go into the stash.

The other benefit is that I purchased the add-on plastic containers for my Scrapbox.  The downside is that I could not put the new plastic containers in two of the bottom slots due to the design of my version 1.0 Workbox.  However, I love, love, love the clean look I was able to attain by labeling the front of these containers.  I love, love, love that I know again about all the wonderful tools and supplies that I own and I plan to use them to great effect.  I've move cards made from the stashed kits I found and I hope to get them photographed, edited and posted in the coming days.

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