Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Start of Valentine's Themed Love Cards

I couldn't let Brandy be the only one to start with some Valentine's themed cards!  We're two crafty friends and we'd have to admit that there is a sense of "infecting' one another so I felt inspired to begin my card making.  Since I am selling my cards at a local store - not a a lot, but it does make me consider the theme of cards - I decided to do some cards this year that were a little more general, but would work for Valentine's Day.  These cards were created with some of the leftovers from my recent stamping session using my The Greetery Pine Blossom stamp and die set.  I kept a little more white space to create these soft backgrounds and keep the floral bunch as the center of attention.

I am really in love this this stamp set - so classic and elegant in the same breath.  I'm also really enjoying stamping with my Distress Oxide inks - they create a very nice finish and since I have the whole set, lots of color combinations are available.  I guess we're off to the Valentine's Day card making races.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Channeling My Inner Kristina

Hello crafty friends.  I  love Valentine's Day. I love the story of St. Valentine's Day, I love red, black, and white, with a little gold (stayed tuned for more cards with that in mind), and I love telling the people I love the most, just that... I love them.

I think Valentine's Day just lends itself to big over the top cards with lots of fun embellishments and also to pretty classic designs with flourishes and beautiful written sentiments,  and that is how I typically like to roll. So, why is the card in this post so simple? Why is it about channeling my inner Kristina?

I realized this year that for several years (not sure how many and not willing to look) Kristina Werner has made a Valentine's Day card using just Crayola watercolors, inexpensive watercolor paper, and that is about it.  She refers to it as using "minimal supplies".

I have to be honest, when I think of Kristina's talent I typically think of her handwriting, stamp designs, and painting with Mission Gold watercolors, not Crayola watercolors and "minimal supplies".

I happened to have some Crayola watercolors from a project with the kiddos and though I might investigate why such a talent with access to so many creative options would take her time to make and video such a simple card.

To make my card, I first started with a scrap of watercolor cardstock, drew, hearts down the middle, and painted each one in a different shade of red.  However, I didn't measure the watercolor sheet and it was not cut to fit on a card and was not used in a finished product, but I have included it here.

Then I took another piece of scrap watercolor paper and drew a bigger heart with a smaller one inside.  I only did this to try and add some type of design element to the card.  I then stamped the sentiment with a Valentine's sentiment from the Winnie and Walter Sentimental: Love stamp set.  The front was glued to a pre-made card base and there you go.

After completing the project, I can honestly say something simple isn't really for me.  However, the card is ok and if you have kids or young adults  that want to make a card, but you don't want to buy more expensive items or they want to do something quick or simple, this isn't a bad idea.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Notecards For the New Year

I had mentioned that I was inspired by Betsy Veldman's post stating she wasn't quite done with her winter/Christmas stamps.  I couldn't resist a chance to make some cards using my new-to-me The Greetery Pine Blossom stamp and dies set.  I think these stamps are so adorable and I once again used my Distress Oxide inks to do all the stamping.

I truly can't figure out which card is my favorite.  I like them both so much. 

I also put together this floral bouquet for my grandma's gravesite.  I was able to go to place them with my grandpa, mom and sister (along with other family) on the 1st of the year.  I know she can't appreciate them, but I think it is meaningful for my grandpa to see that we haven't forgotten and it is also special to me to do something that I know she would have liked - a little part of me being a little like her which is the best tribute I can give her.

Friday, January 17, 2020

A Very Pink Happy 21st Birthday Card

This is Andie today to share a card made by Brandy.  I'm going to try not to be confusing!  My daughter, Katie, enjoyed a milestone birthday in November - she turned 21.  Brandy was scheduled to attend the party, but some weather (which is unusual for use here in Phoenix) caused havoc at her house and she ended up staying home to deal with those issues.  All is well, but it meant that we didn't get together with Katie until later in December for Brandy to give Katie this beautiful, special shaker card.  With my college student busy finishing up the semester and Christmas it took a little bit to get Katie to take a picture of the card.

Can you see the wonderful "2" and "1" die cuts?  I just think this is one of the most fantastic cards I've ever seen.  Katie was especially pleased since pink is her favorite color and this card is on display in her apartment.  I think Katie felt very special and I know I'm touched by her thoughtfulness as well.

Andie for 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Crate Full of Flowers Birthday Card

I have been a little under the weather this holiday season; which is also a significant birthday season in my family and I needed to make some birthday cards.  So, I decided to look in my stash of extra pieces from past card projects and found some Concord & 9th Petals and Palette pieces!

The flowers are not really a color pallet I would normally use, and I can't remember what ink I used to stamp them.  However, I feel like they work.

I wanted to add some interest to the background so I used a piece of woodgrain volume over a decorative cardboard and the card is done.  I am so glad I saved these extra pieces!