Wednesday, October 3, 2018

2018 Scrapbook Expo - Card Swap

Just a quick post to share a review of this year's Scrapbook Expo card swap.  Brandy and I participated in our first card swap at 2018 Mesa Play All Day with Embellish It!  We so loved it that we then signed up for the Scrapbook Expo Card Swap.  You receive this adorable little canvas bag to carry your cards home in.  The bonus comes with the cards.

This card was the winner in the swap we participated in. It was the card I voted for as the best (Even though Brandy's card was the best, I thought it a bit self serving to vote for her card since I always would do that!  Here's a picture of her card.)

Two of the ladies in the swap sat near us in the crop all day and participated in the next day's swap.  I traded some of the cards that I made with them for these two cards. I think that was a win, no doubt.

Even though we don't need more cards and not all the cards were the best quality/our taste, both Brandy and I enjoyed the process immensely and will definitely participate again next time there is a card swap to do so. 

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