Tuesday, May 9, 2017

National Scrapbook Day

Saturday was National Scrapbook Day. Brandy was so kind she invited me to her house for a scrapbook party - mind you not a card making party which is what I now mostly do.  A scrapbook party.  Brandy and I met through scrapbooking - attending a CK Scrapbook Convention 13 years ago this spring together.  At the time, I really wasn't into papercrafting at all.  Scrapbooking with Brandy became a hobby and turned into card making as my kids grew older and I fell in love with stamping.

Brandy didn't miss the opportunity to be kind (she's just like that!) so she had this small gift set out for me with the pretty little gift card - handmade by Brandy.  Boy, did I feel special!

So, I decided to jump right in and use those supplies.  They didn't fit the scrapbook pages I was working on so Imade this card.  The gold edges are made using that fantastic teal and gold tape.  White embossed sentiment on black cardstock makes this card a graphic delight.  Well out of my normal style, which is a nice departure.  I'm so grateful to Brandy for her gift and her friendship.  I've some Mother's Day cards to post, but I'll promise to eventually photograph and post pictures of my pages made at our scrapbook party.

What have you done lately to celebrate your craft?


  1. I just LOVE this card. The graphic look of this card made me sigh and! Isn't it wonderful to be spoilt by a dear friend? Such a lovely gift!

  2. It is awesome, and fun that you can get together with Brady to craft!

  3. What a wonderful card and love that you and Brandy were able to get together xx


Thank you so much for your kind words. Isn't it fun to encourage one another, even from a distance?